How To Prevent A Kitchen Infestation By Insects




Insects are the most common perpetrators of a kitchen infestation. Some insects are particularly notorious for infesting our kitchens, see below:


  • Cockroaches are six-legged creatures that live in dark, warm and wet areas. Sewers are often a perfect home for these critters. They are probably the most hated creatures in all the earth because they spread bacteria and could trigger allergic reactions in people. 
  • Ants are the most popular insects as they can be found virtually everywhere in the world. 
  • Flies are attracted to crumbs of food left around the kitchen and can locate the kitchen through sewage pipes. They perch on food and around the kitchen and spread bacteria.
  • Weevil target stored uncooked food and can burrowing holes in food packages and storage packs.
  • Mosquitoes love damp areas, and the kitchen is the most likely part of a house to be damp.


Pest infestation occurs in almost every home but can easily be avoided by following these simple steps: 


Food items should be stored in the refrigerator because it is difficult for insects to enter and survive there. Fresh fruit however, should not be stored in the fridge.

Canned food

This is a better option to avoid an infestation because, these insects may burrow through plastic but cannot penetrate a can. Jars can also be of help to avoid an outbreak.

Glass jars

Store sweet foods such as cookies and raw sugar in glass jars to prevent insects from getting attracted to it.

Repair cracks

Cracks in the kitchen floor or wall should be sealed up to make it difficult for them to locate the kitchen.



Clean Kitchen

Insects are attracted to a kitchen that can offer them food and will hardly go to a clean kitchen. Cleaning regularly will prevent infestation of insects.

Avoid piling dishes

Wash every dish used immediately and avoid piling them up for a later date.


Regularly inspect the cabinets in the kitchen and clean them also. This will help cut down any growing infestation.

Maintenance of water pipes

Always check that the water pipes in the kitchen are dry and use a glue when they begin to leak. Some of these insects are attracted to a damp environment, and would find solace in the kitchen.

Empty trash bins

Trash bins should regularly be emptied as these insects are attracted to food crumbs that may have been thrown into the bin. They can find their way to the trash bin and remain in the kitchen afterwards. Outdoor trash bins should be covered with secure lids to prevent entry and should be positioned far away from the house.

Clean up spilled water

Clean up spilled water immediately and ensure that a dehumidifier is installed in the kitchen to prevent dampness.

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