Makeover: French Kitchen Design



Every home desires a well-spaced, furnished, and nicely decorated modern state of the art kitchen to guarantee comfort when cooking. A French Kitchen design is perfect for every home and usually features big spaces that brings to mind amazing brunches. Imagine a kitchen filled with culinary delights (cooking utensils and tools) that allow the kitchen to "breathe" and create a welcoming space that can be both convenient for cooks and appealing for guests.



A French kitchen design will often feature an open, airy kitchen space. For great spacing, L-shaped or U-shaped designs with peninsula designs are common spacing options. A kitchen needs extra space for extra storage and food preparations.



Furniture is key in every kitchen, and a French Kitchen is no different, with antique-looking countertops, cabinets, and furniture made from natural materials. High-quality woods like cherry oak and maple are used in the production of cabinets and furniture. A Farm-style table with large planks and intricately carved legs is an added advantage to help keep tools and for another benefit.



Amazing designs that feature cabinets with intricate cutouts paired with simple hardware in silver, bronze or iron.



For comfort, Classic farm-style sinks are installed to cater for waste-water from food preparation or cleanup of dishes after large meals are sent out through waste water pipe drains.



The flooring can be made with white subway tiles, or they may feature large planks and ceilings with exposed wood beams. This adds beautiful, elegant but countrified look if the color scheme has contrasting lights.



Countertops are most often manufactured from natural materials, like granite or stone in high-gloss or matte styles. When paired with light cabinets, a darker countertop is seen in black or dark grey, for a bold contrast.



Artwork and accessories are an important aspect of French kitchen design.


Kitchen Utensil 

Large utensils and antiques, farm equipment or artifacts is displayed on walls to add further interest to the design. A Simple wicker or wire baskets, cabinet designs that eschew doors, and open shelving are common storage elements in a French kitchen design.


How to achieve a French Kitchen Design Makeover:

  • Make ornate woodcarvings and furniture-like features such as decorative moldings and intricate arches,
  • Use antique cabinet with drawers if needed. (May be custom-made to look old)
  • Install a gas range, or a microwave, electric oven and electric cook top, 
  • Improvise with hand-painted tiles, which can be done on irregular porcelain tiles to make them look authentic,
  • Design a French farm table of counter height by paint staining the legs,
  • Get a German-seeded antique glass for upper cabinets or use any other antique brass, bronze or iron,
  • Copper and bronze can be mixed and incorporated to make the wood cabinetry distinct,
  • Add Rustic bead board can to cabinetry to give a more casual, lived-in feel,
  • Keep cooking utensils and tools displayed in the kitchen, with copper pots hanging above the kitchen or leave them displayed on countertops.

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